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Baringa School provides a safe, supportive learning environment, through individualised learning programs aims to maximise the potential of all students. Modelling and direct instruction provide programs reinforcing respect for self and others, with the main goal to create maximum independence in students both academically and socially.


Using the Victorian Curriculum Baringa Special School teach a core curriculum including:

  • Literacy, Numeracy, Social Skills and Health and PE.

Other learning experiences are offered in the following areas:

  • Visuals Arts, Music, Science










A significant focus across the school is our Independent Living Skills (ILS) programs. These programs look differently across the different sections of the school.

The Primary section predominantly focus on Road Safety, Community Access and Cooking.

The Secondary sections focus on Cooking (utilising our Childers homestead), Grounds Maintenance, Advance (community engagement program), and Shopping program.

The Senior Learning Centre (SLC) focus on Work Related Skills (working at Hopeworks), Pathways to Independence (students study for their learners, create a resume and complete job applications) and Enterprise program (running the school canteen and coffee shop).

Other specialized programs include:

  • Robotics

  • VET courses

Respectful Relationships

In 2017 Baringa become a Respectful Relationships (RR) school. We now teach the 8 topics of the Respectful Relationships Curriculum to all students across our school.

As a Respectful Relationships school we promise all employees, students, parents/carers, volunteers and visitors to our school will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their sex, gender, identity, socioeconomic status, cultural background, sexual orientation or level of ability.


Information technology

At Baringa we use technology as a tool to strengthen student engagement and support student learning.

Banks of IPads are currently available for use by our primary section with some classrooms having 2 or 3 desktops available for student use. Each Primary room is fitted with an interactive Ipad or TV.

Each Secondary and SLC student has a laptop computer provided by the school that they utilise to support learning while at school. All Secondary and SLC classrooms are fitted with whiteboards and projectors.

Each classroom across the school has an IPod used for photos and music. 








Camps and Excursions

At Baringa camps and excursions are an integral and essential part of the school program. Each year our Secondary and Senior Learning Centre (SLC) students attend a two night camp. Our primary students on alternating years attend an overnight school camp/school sleepover or unit excursion.









Swimming program

An eight session program is conducted at our local heated swimming pool for students in our primary section from grade one and above. Our secondary students can access the swimming program on a needs basis on Wednesdays in term 3. The program is managed by trained swimming teachers and school teachers and aims to develop children’s skills in water safety.

Our aim is to develop independent and motivated students who take responsibility for their learning by providing consistent, targeted and differentiated instruction and learning opportunities. Experienced and dedicated staff teach students the skills and knowledge they need to become valued and contributing members in their local communities.

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