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School Procedures

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Below is useful information for parents and visitors to our school.

Before and after school supervision

Baringa School’s grounds are supervised by school staff from 9:00am until 3pm. Outside of these hours, school staff will not be available to supervise students. Students who attend school from 9am onwards will be supervised by classroom staff in their allocated classroom.


Notification is required for all student absences.
This can be done via student absence slips (provided by the school), notification in Communication Books, telephone or via the school’s SMS number 0407 880 630.

In the event that the school does not get notified about an absence notices will be sent home, or pastoral teachers may phone parents/carers to explain the absence from school.


Parents/carers of students who require medication whilst at school are required to complete an additional permission form to administer the medication.

Students with Anaphylaxis, Asthma or Epilepsy are asked to provide an ‘Anaphylaxis Management Plan’, ‘Asthma Action Plan’ or ‘Epilepsy Management Plan’ so that we can manage these conditions. You can access the Asthma Care Plan for Schools

Personal Items at School

If students choose to bring valuables to school we will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to such items.

Students are NOT permitted to use mobile phones during school hours, which includes on the school buses.  If students bring mobile phones to school they are required to hand them in to pastoral teachers for safe keeping during the day.  If parents need to make contact with their son or daughter during the school day they should do so through the main office.

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