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Transition & FUture Planning


Transition from Kindergarten to School

For students accessing Baringa from kindergarten, a 3 week transition program is offered in Term 4 in preparation for enrolment the following year.

Details about each year's Kindergarten to School Transition Program will be available for download below towards the of each school year.

Orientation Program

Baringa provides an orientation program for students wishing to access the school. Following a recommendation from the program Support Group or the student’s mainstream school, contact is made with Baringa. An initial visit by the student and family is arranged, followed by a transition period where the student attends one day per week. In most cases this continues for a term. At the end of this period, a decision is made regarding placement at Baringa.

If placement continues after the orientation program, the student usually increases the number of days of attendance at Baringa and funding arrangements are adjusted accordingly between schools.

Transition between sections of the school

At the conclusion of year 6 and year 10 equivalent age group, students are transitioned into the next section of the school. This involves several days experiencing programs in the new section of the school to familiarise students with new expectations and new staff and programs.

Students entering Baringa school from grade 6 to a brand new school year are usually oriented in a larger group towards the end of the year preceding enrolment. These arrangements are made on an individual basis and must be discussed with the mainstream Principal and Principal of Baringa School.


Transition from school

During their final years of school Baringa students are encouraged and supported in developing links with businesses, services and key stake-holders in their local community. Community connection is individualised for each student and can take the form of a learning program that includes work experience, school-based apprenticeships and traineeships, vocational training, participation in accredited courses, men’s shed programs, neighbourhood houses, extended travel training, volunteering, community access programs and orientation into post-school day services all with a goal of creating a smooth and seamless transition into a connected, relevant and rewarding post school life


A special ceremony is held for Graduating students at both the end of the Primary school years and then at the end of Secondary school. Parents and relatives are invited to come along and share in this important occasion.

The Primary graduation usually takes the form of an afternoon tea at school, and the Senior students have a formal presentation dinner to signify the final 2 years of school. Information is finalised and parents are advised of dates and venues as they are arranged.

Graduation Hat Throw
Graduation Handshake
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