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Specialist Services


Baringa School is able to provide additional support to meet student needs.

Professional Support

Baringa School is able to provide additional support to meet student needs in the areas of Speech Pathology, Psychology, Student Welfare, and Counselling.

Staff are also able to provide advice and assistance for parents in accessing support from other agencies as required.

Speech Pathology

The Speech Pathology team at Baringa School support the development of every student’s communication and literacy skills. They support students to access the school curriculum and ensure all students are safe during mealtimes. Speech Pathologists train, consult and collaborate with the educational team, utilising a collaborative whole school approach to maximise student outcomes.


Speech Pathologists work across a range of practice areas, including:

  • Language (supporting students to understand and use language e.g., follow directions, answer questions, tell others their thoughts and feelings, and expand their phrases)

  • Speech (supporting students to say sounds clearly and be easily understood)

  • Literacy (supporting students with their reading, writing, and spelling)

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) (Supporting student’s language through alternative communication forms e.g., electronic, and non-electronic communication systems, sign)

  • Swallowing (supporting students to eat and drink safely)

Speech Pathologists work together with the teaching teams at Baringa to support access to the curriculum and ensure that we are promoting every students’ communication and literacy skills. In addition to this, Speech Pathologists at Baringa provide professional development to staff on a range of different topics and collaborate with private therapists.

The many different communication/visual supports you will see around Baringa School



Baringa School offers mental health support for students. We have a psychologist at school who provides free support for students, as part of the Mental Health Practitioner government initiative.


Psychologists can help students to:

  • Understand their emotions and thoughts

  • Learn behaviours that help them to communicate what they need

  • Teach students how to regulate their emotions in a more effective way

  • Develop social skills to help form and maintain friendships


This can help students build better relationships with their peers and teachers as well as helping them to learn more at school.


The psychologist at Baringa works with students individually, in groups and in the classroom. Support and training is also provided to staff to help students’ mental health.   

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